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                              Dolomite's utilization in metallurgical, building materials and filler industries


                               Dolomite and its powder application
                              (1) utilization in metallurgical industry
                              Dolomite is mainly used as flux, refractory material in metallurgical industry. It can also be used to extract metallic magnesium. Dolomite, as a flux for iron and steel making, can neutralize acidic slag, increase the basicity of slag. It could reduce the activity of FeO in slag, so as to control the erosion of slag on furnace lining. Light-burned dolomite is mainly used in steelmaking. It can improve the fluidity of steel slag and be used as slag-making agent. This can not only prolong the life of converter and improve the fluidity of slag, but also improve the desulfurization and dephosphorization reaction and save a lot of fluorite. At present, 170kg dolomite is needed to produce 1t steel in China. The addition of dolomite can dilute slag, reduce slag melting point, reduce fuel consumption and improve pig iron quality.
                              (2) utilization in building materials industry
                              After properly calcined, dolomite can be processed into dolomite ash, which has white, strong adhesion, solidification and good fire resistance. Such dolomite also has good heat insulation performance, and is suitable for internal and external wall coatings. Besides, it can also be used to make magnesium chloride cement and magnesium sulfide cement, because it has good compressive strength, flexural strength. Dolomite can be used in making floors because its good waterproof performance. Dolomite powder can be used for crack treatment and pavement paving and cement mortar sintering slag, and 40% dolomite in cement can accelerate the speed of cement hydration. In addition, dolomite is used as the ingredients of clay, glass and ceramic.
                              (3) used as filler.
                              Dolomite can be used as filler for rubber and paper making. Dolomite powder with good quality can be used as a substitute for titanium dioxide. It can improve the chromaticity, weathering resistance, mechanical stability, shrinkage and internal tension, reduce water absorption, oil absorption and crack expansion.
                              Dolomite grinding machine
                              The demands of dolomite powder are various according to its wide usage. More specifically, the requirement of powder fineness and whiteness is different. As for this, there are several dolomite grinding machines for customer’s reference. Dolomite ultra-fine grinding machine and dolomite Raymond mill are the most frequently-used machines in the market. Both of them have their advantages.
                              If you have any interest in these two grinding machines, please feel free to contact us. You can chat with us online, leave messages on our website or call us directly. We will get back to you within 12 hours.

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