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                              Refractory material, dolomite


                               Most of the refractories are made from natural ores, but the number of refractories made from some industrial and synthetic materials is increasing. According to the refractory degree, refractories can be divided into ordinary refractories, high-grade refractories and super refractories. Refractories are often accompanied by chemical erosion, such as slag and gas, in addition to withstanding high temperature. In order to ensure that the refractories have enough corrosion resistance in use, the chemical properties of the refractories should be the same or close to those of the corrosive media.
                              Alkaline refractories are mainly composed of magnesium oxide and calcium oxide. They are mainly used in alkaline steel making furnace, non-ferrous metal smelting furnace, glass and cement industry furnace and other thermal equipment. There are many kinds of alkaline refractories, which can be divided into magnesia, magnesia spinel, dolomite, olivine, limestone and so on. If classified by other methods, it can be divided into firing alkaline refractory products and non-firing alkaline refractory products and firing oil soaked alkaline products. Unfired alkaline products refer to tar-bonded products, including bitumen-bonded magnesia bricks, dolomite bricks and non-dolomite bricks; fired oil-impregnated alkaline products refer to sintered products after bitumen impregnation, varieties of oil-immersed dolomite bricks, magnesia bricks, dolomite bricks and lime bricks.
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                              Dolomite grinding machine has been sold to many countries. And what machine will come to your mind when dolomite grinding machine is mentioned here? Well, according to the processing procedure of dolomite stone, the crushing plant and grinding machine must not be ignored. Generally speaking, dolomite ore has to be crushed at first before it is grinded into powder. Fortunately, our dolomite grinding machine also consists of the crushing machine.
                              Dolomite Raymond mill, this can not be strange to the customers.

                              dolomite raymond mill
                              Dolomite ultra-fine grinding machine, this machine has won a bigger market nowadays because its high-fineness powder guarantee.

                              Dolomite ultra-fine grinding machine

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