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                              The Performance Characteristics of Dolomite Grinding Mill


                              The production of dolomite grinding mill is more than twice as high as dolomite air mill, dolomite stirring mill and dolomite ball mill’s in the case of the same fineness of the dolomite powder and motor power.

                              Wearing Parts of Dolomite Grinding Mill Have a Long Service Life
                              The grinding roller and grinding ring are made of special materials, which makes the durability greatly improved. The service life of wearing parts of dolomite grinding mill is more than triple as long as that of impact crusher and turbine crusher. It’s about more than one year.When this kind of grinding mill deal with calcium carbonate and calcite, it will be from two to five yeas.

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                              High Security
                              There is no rolling bearing and screw in the grinding chamber, so there is no wearing problem of the bearing and its sealing parts, or the problem of destroying the machine because of the loosening of the screw.

                              High Fineness of Finished Products
                              Dolomite powder fineness can reach to that D97 is less than or equal to 5μm after the processing of this machine milling.

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                              Less Pollution
                              Environmental protection pulse dust remover and muffler greatly of the grinding mill reduce the dust and noise, and make less pollution to the surrounding environment.

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