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                              Dolomite Grinding Mill’s Finished Product – Dolomite Powder’s Application


                              Dolomite grinding mill is an important machine of dealing with dolomite, and the application of dolomite is very broad:

                              Dolomite grinding is as magnesia slagging agent in smelting iron and steel to bind the molten silicon, aluminum, sulfur, phosphorus and other unwanted or harmful accompanying elements, so it becomes easy to separate from the steel slag.
                              Glass and ceramics industry: it’s used as a raw material in the glass to increase shine and improve the flexural strength of glass products. Dolomite powder, as the ceramic material and the glaze from fluxing action, can also reduce the sintering temperature.

                              Building materials industry: it can be used to produce water-based paints, cement magnesium sulfate, magnesium chloride high performance cement, household plastic, waterproof materials.
                              Chemical industry: it can be used as rubber filler improve product hardness, fire resistance, electrical insulation, dimensional stability and so on.

                              Dolomite Grinding Mill


                              Agriculture, forestry: it can be used for soil amendment or neutralizing acidic or neutralizing agents, epidemic prevention, pesticides.
                              Environment: used as filter material in the water treatment process.
                              Dolomite grinding machine’s output is particles, which can meet our customers' requirements.

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